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5 Reasons to Love Adult Toys

Adult toys have long been a part of the cultural landscape. They’re not just for women alone anymore; many couples enjoy using them together.

Sex toys help us better understand our pleasure points and communicate them to our partners more openly and honestly. That kind of communication is critical to a happy, fulfilling sex life.

They’re Fun

Whether used solo or as an extension of partnered intimacy, adult toys offer a pathway to self-discovery and heightened pleasure. From prostate massagers to penis rings, sex toys for men you purchase using some Adam & Eve coupons are thoughtfully crafted to cater to diverse desires and stimulate various erogenous zones.

But don’t be mistaken; just because sex toys are fun doesn’t mean they’re a suitable replacement for real sex. Using a dirty toy isn’t just impolite to your genitals; it can also potentially leave you at risk for health issues like urinary tract infections.

If you want to try a new toy, talk to your partner about it. Pick a relaxed moment outside of the bedroom and have an open conversation about what kind of toys you’re both interested in, what types you have in your sex toy drawer now, and if you’d like to explore anything completely new together. Be sure to pick a time when you can use the new toy properly, with lube, so you can tell if it feels right for you. This will help prevent any miscommunication or discomfort in the future.

They’re Gender Neutral

Gender-neutral sex toys are an excellent option for people who prefer not to play with gender-specific toys or are transitioning, gender fluid, or experimenting with their sexuality. One example is the Empower harness, which adds compression to the pelvic area for comfort and features a discreet O-ring that can be covered or removed depending on preference. This harness is also compatible with a variety of different dildos for internal or anal penetration, including the five-inch dildo that comes in the package.

Kinky restraints are another popular gender-neutral sex toy, which can be used by anyone for bondage pleasure and are especially great for people who identify as transgender or nonbinary. Other gender-free sex toys include the Liberator sex furniture, which is an excellent option for anal pleasure.

For those who want to try something a bit more playful, the gender-neutral vibrators are a fun choice. These toys come in shapes that resemble various body parts, like a dick or a mouth, and feature pronouns, webcomics, and names (like Princette Puppypus or Twin Tails). Due to restrictions from financial institutions and social media platforms, many sex toy brands have to get creative with their marketing and sales strategies. 

They’re Stimulating

A lot of women (and men) need some clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. It’s a fact, and sex toys can provide that.

There are plenty of clitoral vibes out there, but many women love a good couples’ toy that is designed for penetrative sex and can be controlled remotely from your phone. For those who want more clitoral stimulation without needing their partner’s help, there are options like the SILA Cruise, which is built to spread intense vibrations across your entire clitoral hood.

Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or sexual satisfaction, adult toys can enhance pleasure and empower individuals to discover new dimensions of happiness. For couples, the use of sex toys can also lead to better communication about pleasure needs and desires, which can strengthen a relationship over the long term. The taboos around vibrators are slowly dissolving, and it’s a safe way to explore new pleasure-enhancing adventures. Ultimately, pleasure toys are fun, safe, and can be used alone or with a partner. They’re a great addition to the bedroom routine and help bring that satisfaction after a great night.

They’re Bonding

Incorporating toys into a couple’s intimate experiences can strengthen a relationship. According to research, couples who have fun experimenting with various pleasure tools together tend to be more happy, more excited, and more engaged overall.

While some couples may shy away from talking about sex toys, the right way to bring them into the fold can strengthen your bond and spark new sexual energy. It’s important not to approach the topic with a snarky or condescending tone, as that’ll play into any underlying insecurities between you and your partner.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Spencer’s, an online retailer that’s like a mashup of Pinterest and a sex manual. Its easy-to-navigate website features verticals for the expected categories, including vibrators and bondage gear. You’ll also find sex toys for beginners, like the hygienic G-spot stimulator ($60), and more erotic fare, like a blue raspberry throat spray for oral arousal or female arousal gummies. The site’s surprisingly non-cringey how-to-use graphics and informative videos make it easy to navigate.

They’re Sexual Empowerment

Adult toys provide a safe, fun, and exciting way to expand pleasure in both solo and shared masturbation. They can also encourage open communication about intimacy with your partner, which in turn increases sexual satisfaction in the bedroom.

While some adults might feel hesitant to bring up the subject of using sex toys with their partners, it isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Experts have found that the best time to broach the topic is when both parties are relaxed and happy.

Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or queer, there are toys designed for every sexual and gender identity. From vibrators and dildos to bondage gear and intimate massagers, the possibilities are endless.

Many people have difficulty discussing intimacy with their partner, which can be challenging when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around this obstacle. One of the most popular is to use app-controlled gadgets that simulate the physical contact you can’t get over video chat. The best part? It’s completely consensual.

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