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Augmented Reality: Futuristic Way of Enhancing Customer Experience

As we move towards a digitised ecosystem, augmented reality is playing wonders in accelerating growth across industries. This technology has become the epitome of improving customer experience at every touchpoint. Be it automotive, fashion, or tourism; it changes how we perceive and experience the information. As a result, AR is a futuristic way to scale businesses with personalisation and higher customer satisfaction. 

This 14.7-billion-dollar industry let businesses thrive on better customer engagement along with driving profitability. To gain an edge in the market and stand apart from the rest, AR can play a winning role. 

Why should companies opt for AR business solutions?

Augmented reality in business can play wonders as it opens doors for better communication with customers. Moreover, to get ahead of the competition, companies can deploy it across their business landscape.

Compared to traditional ways of getting things done, AR offers a more personalised approach to customers’ issues. For instance, if you’re shopping online for shoes of a particular colour, point your mobile camera towards a physical surface and explore the item in a 360° way.

There has been an incredible increase in sales conversion rates by adding digital elements to retail store marketing campaigns. It can be a boon to companies with an e-commerce portal as it lets them see how customers respond to different products and brands. Leveraging Augmented reality apps, companies can improve sales and boost customer retention rate. 

How Can AR Solutions Improve Customer Experience?

AR can improve both offline and online customer experience and help businesses grow faster. For instance, if an interior designer searches for furnishing a house, AR-based solutions allow him to try different styles and designs virtually.

Car manufacturers can use it to provide customers with interactive features in the showroom. It helps them visualise the product in their real environment and gives buyers an idea of how it will look in reality. It is just one of the many ways AR technology has changed customer experience at every point. 

AR Improves Buying Decisions 

It enhances knowledge about products. Often customers face a problem in understanding certain technicalities associated with a product. Here, it becomes essential for companies to use AR-based solutions and make the buying decision easier.

AR is easy to deploy across sectors to scale growth vertically as well as horizontally. Whether you’re planning to open an online store or retail outlet, AR can improve your sales by helping customers buy faster. 

Augmented Experience for Staff Training

AR Help Remote Guide

Augmented reality can help businesses train their staff at a pace. Compared to conventional learning resources, AR can help individuals understand complex aspects much faster.

It renders training material in real-time, helping organisations get accurate information. As it’s easy to understand and far less time consuming, AR is a promising technology that can train employees more efficiently. Using dedicated Augmented Reality app companies can enable flexible learning for their employees. 

AR in Customer Support

Customer support is one of the critical areas where augmented reality can make a remarkable difference. AR-based solutions help customers by providing relevant information through their mobile screens. They are fast, interactive and provide accurate details regarding products.

It helps companies reduce call volume by allowing customers to get all the required information without waiting on hold for hours. AR reduces operational costs that businesses incur while interacting with customers.

Augmented reality allows organisations to explore innovative marketing strategies that help them target their audience effectively at every point. In addition, it offers reliable data insights about potential customers by capturing real-time consumer behaviour patterns. 

Try as You Buy Feature

Augmented reality for business is a crucial accelerator when it comes to cross-sell and up-sell. Using Augmented Reality applications, customers can try on new products virtually without visiting the store. Retailers can deploy augmented reality-based solutions to let customers try new products in a better way.

For instance, if you’re planning to buy a new digital camera or phone that is available in different colours and models, AR will help you choose the right one online. Its instant feedback reduces purchase time and prevents buyers from making wrong decisions. 

Augmented Reality Businesses

Several businesses are leveraging AR to boost their sales and improve brand positioning. Some key AR implementations are:

AR-based Furniture Apps:


Several furniture companies now have AR-based apps on which customers can project furniture pieces at their homes and pick the right one.

Clothing Businesses:

Now, customers don’t need to step into their favourite brand to buy the latest clothes. Instead, using AR, they can try on a variety of clothes and purchase directly through the app.

Makeup Companies:

Makeup and skincare companies are experiencing unprecedented growth due to AR. Customers can virtually try different makeup and personalise shades. 

Wrapping Up!

AR is the next big thing in business across verticals as it has got something for everyone. It’s time companies started exploring augmented reality to improve customer experience. This technology will create newer avenues not only for organisations but also for users who are seeking convenience at every step.

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