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Malenia the Severed Character Guide

Despite being a master of gravity magic, Radahn managed to stop the stars from moving and put everyone’s fate in stasis. This was not good for the world because it meant that time continued to pass, days continued to come and go, but no one could do anything.

Scarlet Rot

The character of Malenia is one of two cursed twins who was born to Radagon and Marika. Since birth, she has suffered from Scarlet Rot. In addition, she was cursed with eternal youth. She is suspected of being targeted by the Outer Gods. Though she is able to resist Scarlet Rot, she is not immune to bleeding.

The game revolves around the journey of the character Malenia. Initially, she was a defender of the people of Miquella, but she is now a broken shell in Haligtree. While a large part of the marketing material was dedicated to the character’s character, the game ultimately disappointed its players. It revealed the limitations of FromSoftware’s imagination.


The Cleanrot Armor is a uniform for the Cleanrot Knights in Malenia The Severed. It’s a decent armor set with a pretty color scheme. However, the story behind it is a bit dark. The Knights were afflicted with Scarlet Rot, so underneath their armor they were slowly rotting.

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This attack starts as a fast jump-kick that does very little damage, but has hyper-armor. The telegraphed nature of this move makes it easy to dodge. The attack can be followed up with two slashes, and if the player is fast enough, it can be followed up with a command grab. This move can also be counterattacked, as it will sidestep most projectiles and jumping attacks from bows. However, it’s possible to stun Malenia before she begins using it.

Malenia is a boss that can be difficult to kill, as she has high defense and a high speed. She can heal herself with every hit and also has two signature moves. The Waterfowl Dance is one such move, while the Scarlet Aeonia is another. Malenia’s Health bar is always refilled by every move she uses, and some moves can fill up her Health bar in seconds.

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The Blindness due to Malenia The Seved is a rare condition, in which an individual loses his or her eyesight. This condition was caused by the rot in Malenia’s body. She was a demigod from Empyrea and one of her siblings. She fought against her siblings for control of the Great Runes.

After the Shattering, Malenia’s eyes are no longer visible. Though she loses her sight, she still has the ability to kick Tarnished. While she is blind now, she had eyes before the Shattering, as shown in statues. Despite her blindness, she has the advantage in every other way.

The Curse of Scarlet Rot infected Malenia’s body, causing her eyes to be infected. Malenia had no way of knowing the source of the rot, but she was able to use it as a weapon against her enemies. Moreover, the Curse of Scarlet Rot affects her enemies, including her twin brother.

Twin brother

After meeting her twin brother, Malenia vowed to protect him and become his Sword. However, the boy was no ordinary boy. He was actually a prisoner of the golden order and corrupted the Elden Ring. The boy also had the ability to halt time, so he teleported Malenia to another dimension.

Despite having never fought an enemy in a duel, Male nia became one of the most powerful warriors in the Lands Between. Unfortunately, her twin brother was stolen away by Mohg, the Lord of Blood. He wished to become the King Consort and murdered Miquella, but she had survived, so Malenia went out to search for him and slaughtered countless enemies in the meantime.

Malenia the Severed is also known as the Goddess of Rot. Like her twin sister Miquella, she was a descendant of Radagon and Marika. The resulting mutation made her vulnerable to the power of the Scarlet Rot. Because of this, she contracted the disease, which left her limbless and blind.

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Powerful dash-stab attack

Malenia’s dash-stab attack is one of the most powerful attacks in the game. This attack causes her to dash forward and slash across her opponent’s front. Malenia’s slash covers almost 180 degrees and is very difficult to dodge. Malenia’s dash-stab is very fast and almost always combos into another attack.

In addition to her dash-stab attack, Malenia can also perform an upward thrust attack. When Male nia is ready to attack, her hand gleams and she swings her sword up and then stabs it back down with a slash. The attack hits hard and is very effective when Malenia has a chance to swing her sword up.

In addition to being a demigod, Malenia is an Empyrean. She fought with her siblings for the control of the Great Runes. When she was not battling her siblings, Male nia used her magic to control them. As a result, she gained control over these powers and was able to lead an army southwards from Haligtree. She also attracted worshippers and loyal servants.

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