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Stock Market Updates: NSE Stocks That Hit Year High Or Low

As an effective way to invest and expect a good return, everyone has been captivated by the stock market for the last few years. The stock market is a popular financial market where shares of publicly listed companies are bought and sold. In India, the terms ” stock market” and “Dalal Street” refers to the entire market for dealing in securities, including stock exchanges where shares of publicly traded businesses are listed for sale. However, stock trading is not everyone’s cup of tea because the stock market is highly volatile in nature. Also, if you are a beginner, you need a stock trading account (DEMAT) and the necessary information about the market to start your investment journey.

NSE, abbreviated as National Stock Exchange of India Limited is the largest financial marketplace in India. Incorporated in 1992, NSE is the fourth-largest stock market by trading volume and provides a modern, automated electronic trading platform for potential trades in the country. Currently, transactions in the wholesale debt, stock, and derivative markets are carried out by NSE. The NIFTY 50 Index, which monitors the biggest securities on the Indian equities market, is one of the most well-known options. Now, we’ll discuss the NSE unlisted shares that have hit a year high or low.

52-Week High Stocks: What Are They?

As the name suggests, a 52-week high is the highest price of a particular stock/security recorded over a year. Moreover, it is a technical indicator used to evaluate the current price of the stock. Future moves are also predicted using the 52-week high and it represents the bullish segment of the market. Here is the list of companies that have hit a year high – 

Company name52 week highLTPGainDay’s Low Day’s HighDays Volume
Dr Reddys Labs49754970.750.4 %4920.354960.95102,436
H D F C2831.052828.601.5 %2779.952815.002,152,871
Cholaman.Inv.&Fn970948.457.0 %920.05895.009,993,599
Siemens3596.93574.551.0 %3532.003547.00224,144
Power Fin.Corpn.177.45174.302.3 %170.95175.307,566,037
A B B3662.753654.205.8 %3455.003480.00969,299
M & M Fin. Serv.287.35286.255.4 %269.70277.9511,838,901
Aditya Birla Cap173.25172.702.0 %169.00170.402,799,329
Engineers India98.5594.80-0.1 %92.6597.5025,025,365
Hind.Aeronautics30502955.00-1.7 %2940.003032.10682,010
I R F C37.435.851.1 %35.6537.10171,469,209
Rail Vikas139.45128.25-1.4%124.30130.2085,649,215
Apar Inds.3036.33000.451.0 %2941.003008.0065,747
Indiamart Inter.59975944.003.6 %5735.105748.00314,714

52-Week Low Stocks: What Are They?

A 52-week low is the lowest price at which a stock/security was trading a year ago. Many investors buy undervalued stocks or low stocks, with a belief that the value of the stocks will go higher in the future. If you want to begin your investment journey then low stocks can be a great option to invest and earn high ROI. Here are the details of stocks that hit a year low – 

Company name52 week lowLTPGainDay’s Low Day’s HighDays Volume
Glaxosmi. Pharma12271254.700.5 %1228.001261.1520,940
Atul65306749.802.6 %6524.956765.5576,089
Brightcom Group9.3510.754.9 %9.2710.7548,939,286
Team Lease Serv.2066.12098.200.4 %2071.002098.2012,634
MMTC26.331.459.8 %26.3631.9512,588,555
Keystone Realtor416.05440.001.0 %416.45440.002,303
AAVAS Financiers1384.651394.00-3.2 %1384.851480.00420,371
Laurus Labs278.85318.25-0.9 %279.65325.001,274,620
PVR Inox1430.551480.45-0.3 %1431.551495.30184,829
Orient Electric220221.90-0.2 %220.00224.2064,634
Max Financial599.1650.001.8 %599.30650.60307,891
Ipca Labs.686.8713.650.8 %687.00714.95149,153
Crompton Gr. Con251256.90-0.2 %251.25260.302,498,893
FSN E-Commerce114.25126.902.3 %114.30128.4010,113,611

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