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The Menswear Trends To Know For Fall/Winter 2021

The summer months seem to have flown by this year, just like the rest of the year. Now, it is time to put away those summer clothes and get out the much thicker clothing. Many styles have made a return. Many trends have made a return and others have been new to menswear. It is time to get your comfy and warmer clothes out of the bottom of the wardrobe.

Fluffy Fleece

It is officially fluffy fleece season. That it can either be an autumn fleece or one that is designed to go up Mount Everest. Retro fleeces have made a return in the world of men’s fashion. They might not be great for keeping you dry but, they are great for keeping you warm. Many brands have decided to design fleeces due to their demand for men’s fashion. Berghaus, Patagonia, and Carhartt are just some of the great brands that make high-quality fleeces.

When it comes to wearing a fleece, there are many ways that you can wear it. Either a long sleeve ¼ zip pullover or you can go for a jacket that is a full zip-up. A ¼ zip fleece jacket is perfect with a bright pair of Levi jeans. 

Leather or Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets are making a great return. People either think of Johnny Depp or Tom cruise when it comes to leather jackets. Not to mention that they go well with a pair of denim jeans. There is a bit of a debate on whether or not leather jackets are for the warmer or colder months. However, we believe that they are more suitable for autumn and winter outfits. It can be hard to pull off a leather jacket. It tends to be for those that have a more rugged look about them. Nonetheless, a well-groomed man can also pull off this wonderful look. 

Bomber jackets can be worn in summer and winter. However, it is more appropriate to be worn indoors. Don’t expect your bomber jackets to keep you dry either. Although they are a cheaper option compared to a leather jacket. A bomber jacket is much easier to style compared to a leather jacket. Everyone can pull off a bomber jacket as well. 

Textured Tailoring

This is a style that is definitely for the autumn and winter months. This type of clothing is much warmer than your summer clothing which is what you will need. The materials that are often used are wool, tweed, corduroy and twill. Textured tailoring makes your style look a little bit more sophisticated. For those office jobs that go for a more smart-casual approach, textured tailoring would be the perfect outfit. Complete the look with some good old Chelsea boots or even some military boots.  

Luxury Loungewear

Time to step inside with the clothing that you should be buying for the colder evenings. Loungewear is the perfect item to be relaxing in at night before you get into bed. You have your casual loungewear that people like to wear outside. However, your luxury brands do the perfect clothing for sitting in front of the fire. 

There are many items of clothing that you can wear for putting on your feet-up. Oversized tees and hoodies are the easy go-to outfit. Plain tracksuits are perfect this time of year as well. The attire that you need to put the bins out or pick up something from the shop. There are many premium tracksuits out there if you do not want to go for your traditional sports brands for your tracksuits. 

Technical Jacket

This style of jacket has been around for the past few years now. It is easy to understand why because they are perfect for this time of year. Technical jackets are a great piece of clothing when it comes to wet weather. A technical jacket is great for a cold-weather workout as well. 

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Technical jackets seemed to make an appearance every year in the men’s fashion world. They come in a couple of different styles as well. You can either have 1 ⁄ 4 zip-up or the usual type of jacket with the zip going all the way up. There are many brands out there that have acknowledged that the technical jacket is a popular style for men. Brands such as Under Armour, North Face and Adidas have gone for the more traditional technical jackets. Ones that are more weatherproof compared to those that go for the more stylish approach.

Oversized Outerwear

Sticking with the outdoor trends. Oversized clothing has become popular during the summertime for both males and females. This popular trend has seemed to have carried over to the much warmer clothing as well. Jackets/ coats seemed to be the go-to norm for this autumn/ fall. If you may have noticed in the previous years, park coats are a style that looks way too big for the person that is wearing them. Well, in terms of the length of the jackets anyways. 

Oversized outerwear is needed because not only does it keep the top half of your body warm but it can also keep the top half of your legs warm. Not to mention that they are easy to layer up. If you don’t want to have your jacket zipped then, that is not an issue. An oversized pea jacket needs something underneath it. A sweater or a turtle neck will do the job that you need. 

Chelsea Boots

You definitely should not be stuck with what to wear on your feet this season. Chelsea boots are one of, if not the most weatherproof pair of footwear that you can buy that also looks like you are keeping up with fashion. Trying to keep yourself dry/warm whilst looking like you have a taste for fashion can be hard this time of year. However, the Chelsea boot helps you do both. 

If Chelsea boots are not the footwear for you, then choose a pair of military boots instead. You can find military boots in all sorts of colours such as black, grey, brown or even green. Either way, you should not be struggling to choose a colour to go with the rest of your outfit. If you ever struggle knowing how to style military boots, just look at David Beckham wearing them. Chelsea boots will continue to be the best footwear for men in 2022.


The change of seasons is the perfect excuse to upgrade your wardrobe. You don’t need to throw away any clothes or hand them in to the charity shop. Keep them for next year, especially if you didn’t wear them enough. Nonetheless, this is the perfect time to purchase some warmer clothes that are going to be more suitable for the colder weather. 

Treat yourself to some sweaters and an oversized jacket then you are on your way there. Jeans will always be great to wear during the winter. Although we do suggest that you mix it up with other outfits out there and try some pants that are made out of wool. Either way, you won’t be struggling with wondering what to wear with this year’s trends.

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