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Which Is The Biggest Second Hand Bike Selling Platform In India?

Our bike is very dear to us. There is an emotional connection to this. There are so many memories together while taking a long ride. If you have owned a motorcycle, you must be able to relate to this factor. To sell an old bike is also a matter of a strong heart. For everything to go smoothly, you need to choose a genuine platform where you can sell bikes at a good price.

While speaking about the best bike selling platform in India, many platforms are listed in the top 3. To sell bike online, you need to follow certain parameters that will help you to sell your two-wheeler quickly.

In this article, here is the list of the top 3 platforms where you can sell bikes online.

1: CredR- Your Trusted Two-Wheeler Platform

This omnichannel consumer brand is dedicated to sell, buy and service bikes. From the comfort of your home, you can sell bike online. You can visit the website or download the CredR app to sell your motorcycle. You are required to submit bike-related information, necessary details and documents. Free inspection will take place at your home by an auto expert.

Once all the bike specifications are marked accurately, and in order, they will offer a fair deal based on the market price. The best part here- there is no headache when you sell your bike to CredR. They take complete responsibility for making a concrete decision on your bike sell option. The process is swift, and many good reviews by the customers have made this brand one of the best brands to sell old bike.

2: OLX

It is a marketplace to sell bike online. You need to open an account and start listing your bike details. It is selling your motorcycle to the customer all by yourself. The only way to sell your bike on this platform is through listing. You can connect to the customer and then sell your bike online. The interested customers will contact you directly, and you can sell without hassle.

3: Droom

It is another significant marketplace where they do not charge you to list your bike. You can choose this platform to sell your bike online and make a fair deal. All you need to do is to keep track, and the customer will contact you if they are interested in your bike. Once you submit the bike details, the experts will share the order details here.

To sell bike online, you must choose a genuine platform where the guaranteed sale is assured. Many platforms make the used bikes for sale online hassle-free to enjoy swift bike selling experiences.

Do I let someone test-ride my bike?

To sell your two wheeler, it is mandatory for you to let your bike for a test ride by the potential buyer. It is one of the biggest questions where people have to sell bike if they should  be allowed to take a test ride or not! The potential buyers must try a test ride to know what they are getting into. If you are planning to sell bike in Mumbai, then you should choose a genuine platform and sell motorcycles swiftly.

To conclude, if you choose to sell your bike online, you must consider a few points. It includes a genuine platform, transparent service, good deals, and a quick money transfer record. If all these things meet your expectations, then only sell your bike. Look for better deals and have a range of prices in your mind to come out of the negotiating factors. 

Happy selling 🙂

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