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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Having a healthy butt is a dream for almost everyone. However, since not everyone is blessed with the beauty of voluptuous booty, a number of people undergo butt lift surgical procedures to attain the desired physical attribute. One of the prime advantages of this procedure is that slimming of other body parts is also perceived by the candidate undergoing surgery. The reason being, the additional fat required for adding volume to the buttocks of the candidate comes from various other parts of the body. Either from the belly or back or the thighs, the fat is surgically removed and positioned on the buttocks to add volume to the same. Brazilian butt lift surgery is gaining immense fame especially in recent days. Many social media influencers have been seen to flaunt the results and thus, attract more customers giving them the confidence to try the procedure once as well. One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in recent years, Brazilian butt lift surgery is performed in almost all parts of the world. However, Brazilian butt lift surgery in Turkey has topped many charts due to the ever- increasing list of satisfied customers from all corners of the world. This is because Istanbul, Turkey has emerged as a breathing hub for plastic surgery clinics that house globally- renowned doctors and surgeons striving towards delivering the best treatment possible. 


Brazilian butt lift surgery has earned huge popularity. Though the procedure is beneficial to a certain extent, it may cause negative impacts if incurred in excess. The risk of complications and further issues at an early age arises with the amount of fat transferred. The more the positioning of the contouring fat, the higher the risk of hard cyst formation. However, on the plus side, the procedure has proven to be beneficial for people who experience weight imbalances, sagging and uneven body shape which are signs of aging. The results achieved from the procedure stays from months to years and depends on a number of factors. One of the most important things to maintain the outcome of the procedure is maintaining the weight and letting it fluctuate.

About the Procedure

The procedure has a simple way of approach. In most non- complex cases, fat from various portions of the body is removed through the process of liposuction. This particular way of initiation works as a blessing for people as excess, unwanted fat gets removed from portions that have unwanted fat deposition. Thus, as a result, candidates can have slimmer waist line or belly region, thighs and back along with contoured buttocks which accentuates the glamour. The procedure is a safer alternative to butt implants as in this procedure no artificial implants are inserted inside the buttocks, but instead, fat from the body of the candidate is positioned. Thus, the risks that may arise with the implantation of artificial implants get reduced. 

Details About The Cost

In general, the cost of Brazilian butt lift surgery in Turkey has been estimated to be approximately $12,000, which is lower than that offered in most of the major countries. However, the entire expense has to be borne by the candidate and is not covered by any medical insurance availed by the candidate. However, certain clinics offer financing options for candidates who want to consider the option. Having said that, too much cheaper alternatives from shady clinics without any kind of certification or prior experience should be avoided. The clinics offering Brazilian butt lift in Turkey are accredited and board- certified. Besides, the surgeons performing the procedure are also well -accustomed to the modern techniques and implementation of robotic technologies which may affect the cost of the procedure. 

Telemedicine As A Service

Telemedicine services have turned out to be a blessing for people wanting to avail medical travel options. Unlike before, the candidates can now first consult the surgeon and travel according to their satisfaction. Especially considering the restricted traveling options, availing telemedicine services have become the most feasible option. The list of doctors, the details about their educational history, specialization, and years of experience are available on the website for the feasibility of the candidates.

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