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7 Simple Ways for Men Over 50 to Improve Their Sex Life

30-Second Summary

  • Sex is a basic human need.
  • Aging does not necessarily correlate to a decline in sexual function.
  • There are many reasons why men experience loss of sexual desire.
  • Testosterone is not the only offender for reduced libido in men over 50.
  • There are many ways men over 50 enjoy sex life.
  • Older men can find benefit from using top-rated male enhancements and sexual pills.

What Does Science Say about Older Men and Sexual Health?

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, sex is a physiologic need. It means that sex is a biological necessity in human existence. Besides, there are many good reasons for sex. It stimulates the release of ”happy hormones,” boosts physical health, and it improves relationships. In a particular Multicenter Study, researchers reveal that men are more sexually active, sexually content, and sexually interested compared to women. 

Testosterone is the primary hormone in men that regulates sex drive. However, reduced sexual desire in humans can be due to several reasons. It is not always about the low testosterone in men. It can be health-related, lack of a partner, a side effect of medications, or physiological issues.

7 Easy Habits Older Men Can Do to Increase Sexual Drive

The following are easy, self-help strategies men over 50 can undertake for better sexual performance and to keep their partner satisfied:

1 – Express your Sexual Needs and Desires. 

Communication is an essential part of good sex life. Making vital conversation with your partner clears awkwardness and recognizes your partner’s feelings. Use talking as a sex starter to make your bodies calm down and less tense.

Make it specific, positive, and use body language. According to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, touching is the most common activity in sexual relationships among men. This is followed by masturbation, then sex.

2 – Explore Sexual Boundaries. 

Due to changes brought about by aging, it is common for senior people to feel insecure or less confident in bed. What present society imposes does not help either – that looks are inherent. The truth is you can be bold and sexy in your unique ways.

Getting a new haircut, buying sexy lingerie (or sex props), and setting up the bedroom romantically with scent are some extraordinary things you can do to gain confidence in bed. You can also surprise your partner with flowers or a candlelight dinner before sex. All these heat things up.

3- See a Sex Therapist. 

Many older people find it difficult to discuss sensitive issues like sex with their doctors. An open dialogue is essential to help identify the barriers such as erection problems, break them down, and suggest adaptive coping strategies. Sex therapy does not only resolve sexual functioning matters but also strengthens relationships.

For instance,your sexual therapist may recommend checking out pills that improve performance in bed. He/she may suggest looking out for an Force XL review. Force XL is one of the best sexual enhancement pills on the market. Moreover, your therapist may carry out sex education or teach you specific exercises that will help you and your partner have a satisfying sexual experience. 

4 – Hunt for the Best Sexual Enhancement Pills. 

Senior people may need help from natural supplements. Sex pills improve reproductive health, boost energy, reduce discomfort, and strengthen stamina in bed.

An example of a potent sexual enhancement pill is Force XL, as evidenced by positive Force XL review postings. When looking for sexual health supplements, consider the ingredients, side effects, and customers’ success stories. 

5 – Stay Healthy and Have an Active Lifestyle. 

Physical health changes as people age. You become more susceptible to diseases. Eating healthily, creating an active lifestyle, establishing a good sleep habit, and employing stress management techniques help you feel more confident in bed.

Moreover, negative emotions counteract libido. Cope with sex anxiety by taking it slow, knowing your body and your partner’s, and enjoying the moment. Get intimate before sexual intercourse.

6 – Ensure a Robust Heart.

Loss of libido is not solely because of low testosterone in men. Clinical evidence suggests that there is a link between reduced sexual desire and heart disease. Men who are experiencing erectile dysfunctions are likely to have poor heart function.

Doctors explain that inability to get an erection is due to lesser blood reaching the penis. The heart struggles that it compromises its ability to pump blood to other organs, like the penis. Thus, if erections become irregular, see a doctor.

Studies reveal that healthier men have better sexual relationships. At age 55, men who have better health conditions have longer sexual expectancy (up to 7 years) in comparison to men with poor health. 

7 – Take it Slow. Don’t Rush.

Trust the process. If you know more about your partner’s desires and what makes it pleasurable for her, sex can be a more exciting and gratifying activity. Adding value to your relationships before sex can go a long way. Also, consider modifying your definition of sex. Hugging, kissing, and touching are the other approaches to express intimacy to your partner. 


Sexual activity in men over 50 can be different and challenging. However, this does not mean that the seniors have lost interest in sex. There are many adjustments older men can do to have a satisfying sexual experience.

Health experts advise not to use top rated male enhancements as solitary means to improve performance in bed. Besides maintaining robust physical health and having a positive attitude are essential factors towards satisfying sex.

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