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Perfecting Your Brand Naming Process: A Guide to Memorable Moniker!

It is true your brand name that consumers can differentiate you from others in the market hence it is very important that it reflect exactly what your business is offering to them. 

How Should A Brand Name Be Opted? 

Naming your brand is a task that should be done carefully. Care should be taken in order to select the most appropriate name that helps consumers easily identify with what your company is offering and opt for it over others in the market. An example of a brand name that’s very popular is Apple which shows how distinctly and differently the company thinks from its competitors in the market. Some very powerful brand names in the market from which you can take inspiration are Kodak, Velcro, Formica, Nescafe, Nike etc. 

Steps Involved in Selecting A Brand Name 

A powerful brand name will give your company a distinct presence in its market. Whenever people look at it, they will be instantly reminded of what your company offers, the quality of its products and the kind of benefits gained by making a purchase from it. If you are just a beginner in your industry, it is important to spend time, energy in choosing the right brand name as it will reflect how well your company fares in its market.

Step 1 – The first thing to do is exactly describe what it is that you want to name. Do you want to name the company else make use the product or service as a means to identify the brand or is it a particular quality that you want to opt to show distinctness in the market? Once you have decided about what you want to communicate through the name you can proceed to make a list of various name categories.

Step 2 – Now that you are clear about how to describe the brand name, check out four key  name categories which are Descriptive, Suggestive, Abstract And Legacy, each of which have a particular set of qualities. Descriptive names are ones that describe your brand as seen in names such as PayPal, DirecTV etc. Suggestive names evoke the meaning or mood behind the company, its products or services and examples of such names are Uber, Red Bull etc. Abstract names are ones that have a memorable sound and give a new meaning to what a brand is offering and examples of such names are Google, Kodak, Skype etc. Legacy names are ones that are based on the founder of the company, nicknames of the founder or acronym of the company’s name and some such examples include IBM Adidas Ferrari etc.

Step 3 – After deciding on particular name category look into what kind of names can be used for it. Before you begin coming up with names remember to keep them short, easy-to-remember and easy-to-change into any particular language. Collect a group of people who will brainstorm upon different name ideas for the category that you have selected. 

This group should make a list of names keeping in mind rules that should be followed while naming and also show any synonyms, analogies, acronyms applicable in the naming process. Look into the most interesting words that best describe the category, you have selected and you can also include syllables that bring meaning the name. 

Finding the best name for your brand can be simplified by opting for the services of a reputed brand agency. They will pick the brand names for sale quickly after a thorough research from which an appropriate one can be selected. 

Step 4 – Make a list of all the names that you have got together and remove those that you feel are duplicate or which don’t really gel well with the selected name category. After picking out the weak names, have the team members choose their favourite names which will leave you with a couple of names that are just right. Now make a background check on each of the names that have been shortlisted so that you find out if any of them already exist and if any of them are against a particular language or culture. You will come down to very small list of perhaps half a dozen names from which you can select something that is suitable.

Step 5 – After creating the short list of the best names you need them into Helvetica font to find out if they are visually attractive without attaching any brand value to them. It is from this display that you must select the name that best reflects your brand, its values and offer to customers.You can pick the best brand name by looking up on the names for sale from the list available with brand naming agency, where experts will carry out the naming process quickly and conveniently.  Through their assistance, you will be able to gain a powerful, impactful and thought provoking brand name that best reflects what your company offers, its values and the quality of its products, services.

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