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Common Home Decoration Mistakes and Ways to avoid them

Today, “home décor” is a broad term. It is not just limited to choosing the right color palette for walls or picking the trendiest furniture, instead it goes a long way. Right from arranging things to adding the right element to the right place, for home decoration you need to look at the bigger picture. However, for those, who can afford an interior decorator, it’s good to hire them for guidance but they can dig a deep hole in your pocket so be prepared. Although decorating a home is not rocket science. Just by developing awareness of common home decoration mistakes and ways to avoid them you can get things done right. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes that can steal your home’s charm and should be avoided at all costs.

1. “Focal Points” Spread all Over the Place: 

 A focal point in a room is the first thing that grabs the attention of the visitor to your home. If there are too many things that catch attention, then there is no focal point. There should be a primary place in your room to let your eyes rest. Without a focal point, your room looks over boarded and unbalanced. 

Create a focal point around a single thing- it can be a piece of art, a view, and an accent piece such as a revolving chair, a vintage mirror, a statement rug, or a textural surface. First, determine the focal feature and then plan the rest of the room décor around it. 

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 2. Going Overboard with Pillows: 

 Using throw pillows is perhaps one of the effective ways to add a pinch of style to your home. But using them in a bunch so that when you sit on the couch you have to move them from one place to another can be frustrating. Also, when you are not able to sit comfortably, your sofa loses its purpose. So whether you have a sofa bed or a lounger get rid of extra pillows. It is the most common decoration trends to be avoided to achieve a cohesive home appeal. 

The most appropriate way to use pillows is to restrict two at each end of the sofa, three on the bed, and one on an armchair.  

3. Appealing sofa but lacks practicality: 

 Often, somehow people forget to pay attention to the practicality of things. If I am not wrong, it is just the look that matters most. But this negligence, when purchasing a sofa can be worrisome. Pets, toddlers, and even some guests can make light-colored sofas dirty and dingy. So purchasing light sofas is not at all a practical choice. 

 Use slipcovers or pick sofa fabrics and colors that can hide the mischievousness of your pet and children. Additionally, you can also opt for professional cleaning and treatment. 

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4. Dark Walls that Need a Lift: 

 Dark hues such as gunmetal grays, midnight blacks, and indigos can be tempting to look but they can make your room feel congested. However, there is a way to get rid of this gloominess. 

For this, use good lighting. This will highlight the tonal complexities of dark shades. Combining uplights and downlights will keep the room well lit and won’t let it feel gloomy.

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