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The Best Golf Courses in South Carolina

Golf is one of the most popular lifelong sports in the south, and nowhere does it better than South Carolina. Whether you’re considering an extended vacation or retiring and moving to this beautiful area, the golf course you settle near matters!

These are the best golf courses in the state!

Why Is South Carolina Perfect for Golf?

South Carolina is a dream come true for golf because its courses are nearly evergreen! In the winter, the temperatures don’t drop below 50 degrees very often, which means the grass stays green for longer, and the area is equally parts beautiful and fun for golfing.

Beyond the great temperatures, this state is also known for getting more than its fair share of rain, which keeps the courses green and the weather wonderful. Although the occasional afternoon thunderstorm may interrupt a gain, it’s worth it to enjoy the course for the rest of the day! 


The moment you tee off for the first time here, you’ll want to start looking for Charleston houses for sale! Palmetto is a beautiful and historic golf course that offers a peak at the local wildlife while still giving you the fantastic rolling hills and high-vision course you’d expect from this area. With countless amenities and a wonderful cafe where you can stop and enjoy a meal or two, the Palmetto Golf Course is a dream come true.


If you want to see one of the most beautiful private golf courses in the world, you’ll have to stop at the Congaree Golf Club in Ridgeland, South Carolina. This great course was designed by Tom Fazio and continues to blow away guests and players alike. Although there are its pitfalls, it’s worth it for how rewarding and beautiful this course is. Anyone who loves golf should stop in at least once. Congaree hosted the 2022 CJ Cup after making its debut and proved itself an excellent course.

The Ocean Course

This course is often considered the first that was ever designed for a specific event. This wonderful course lets you traverse land, lagoons, sand, and streams and ensures nobody gets bored during their game! This is an incredible stop, and although it can cost between $400 to $800 a game, depending on your needs, it’s worth the price.

How to Pack for a Golfing Vacation

If you’re traveling for a short vacation or an extended stay, it’s important that you pack intelligently! Not only should you check the forecast ahead of time, but you should also make sure to take care of your skin and body ahead of time! Pack sunscreen, a water bottle you can refill, and some incredibly comfortable shoes. Although golf courses are made to be walkable, the last thing you want is for your feet and ankles to wear out within the first hour of your arriving!

Golfing is the Sport of a Lifetime!

South Carolina understands having a good time and playing golf. If you’re in the state and want to make the most of your stay, consider settling in near one of these incredible courses!

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