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Want to Improve Your Quality of Life? Have a Glass of Beer

After spending a long day at work, there is nothing better than sipping on glass of beer. Since many centuries, beer has been the part of our culture and style of living. However, most of us look upon beer as guilty pleasure which results in gaining weight and creates a state of euphoria that does not last longer. Against this backdrop, scientist have come up with their revelations about beer which include some of the health benefits that it has on our health. But you might question how can a pint of beer do anything good to the body? To explain the same I would like to draw light over its processing. 

Beer is made out of starch of sprouted barley grains and hop which is fermented using yeast. Experts have revealed that this yeast which is fermented has many health benefits for the body. Beer is considered more of a food than beverage. But rather than worrying about the amount of calories that you are sipping with each glass, consider that beer is full of proteins and B vitamins which are vital for the body. Contrary to the popular beliefs, the benefits that beer has on our health are enormous and are true.

How Beer Improves Your Life

Moderate consumption of beer which means one glass of beer for women and two for men can be really rewarding. Consumption of beer acts as a medicine and below are some of the major benefits that beer has

Reduce Incidence of Inflammation

The basic component of beer that is Hop contains flavonoids are the source of antioxidants that help keep the heart healthy. These antioxidants are anti inflammatory that protects against inflammation of the body. Going forward if anyone ask you not to drink beer as it puts on weight, tell them that it is rich source of antioxidants. Different varieties of beer have different levels of antioxidants ranging between 4 milligram in lager beer and negligible amounts in microbrews. 

Slows Ageing of Cells

Scientists have revealed that the yeast that is used to ferment beer also helps in slowing the cellular ageing. It has show drastic results with respect to different human genome by increasing and decreasing the length of telomeres which are the ends of human DNA. It prevents the premature ageing of skin cells thus preventing the occurrence of fine lines on skin.

Prevents Cancer

Another major benefit of consuming beer is that the acids presents in hops called humulones and lupulones have the ability to fight against cancerous cells. Thereby, preventing cancer from recurring. 

Boost Brain Power

Flavonoids present in beer hop has also show positive results in boosting brain power thus help in reminding things and situations. A university in Chicago has come out with results that shows that persons who drink beer are 23 percent less likely to develop alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, the brain power and mental health is improved. 

Get Sparkling White Teeth

If you are also embarrassed due to the yellow teeths than beer is the solution. Consumption of beer in moderate amounts has revealed that it clears the teeth of plaque and helps in making then brighter and shinier. Experts have tested the beer extracts on bacteria which has shown that even a tiniest extract of beer restricts the growth of enzymes that promote tooth decay and gum diseases. It help in keeping away bacteria from growing inside of teeth. 

Improve performance in Bed

All those men who are facing erectile issues can resort to beer. The phytoestrogens present in beer helps you last longer thus enjoining your sex life in a better way. Moreover, dark beers have the capability of getting you in mood as darker beers have more iron which increased the red blood cells and circulation. These two vital to attain frequent circulations. 

Does Beer Causes Belly Fat ?
Though the many benefits that beer has on our health are laudable, there is still a bigger concern. Beer causes belly fat due to excess calorie intake. As beer is made up if malt, it is full of calories which get stored in belly. This belly fat is called visceral and is not good for the overall well being of the body. Excess belly fat on the body leads to kidney disease, diabetes and cancer. Therefore, consumption of beer has to be in moderate amount.

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