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What Makes Essential Tea Tree Oil So Essential

Acne on face is one of the most stressful situation that you have to go through. Getting rid of acne and pimples becomes difficult when you are constantly facing rough weather and pollution. Despite using many anti-acne products the issues persists and you wonder how to permanently solve the recurrence. 

What is Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil also called Maleleuca oil is one of the most prominent oils that has reputation of treating stubborn acne.These plants mostly found in Australia have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that work wonders on your skin. The oil is prepared by distillation of leaves of Alternefolia leaves and is jack of all trades. The distilled oil so prepared if applied well is the best solution to get rid of flaky skin and to clean pores. This natural alternative to medications and topical products help in overcoming skin infections and other difficult skin related issues.

According to researchers, tea tree oil of 5 percent concentration if used in circular movements on the face works exactly like benzoyl peroxide. Though it works a little slower than benzoyl, but it does not have other side effects like redness and ratchets. At the same time, tea tree oil is inexpensive and contains about hundred components that has several uses for related to skin.

Possible Usage of Tea Tree

 Acne and Pimples: As tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial properties, it has found huge acceptance by women and men alike. The person infected with acne tend to wash the face throughout the day, but this is not the solution as too much washing of the skin strips the moisture of the skin. This is where tea tree oil if applied to the face in circular motions help treat acne and clogs the growth of bacteria. In this way the mushrooming of bacteria propelling acne is  blocked. The skin cells are cleaned from deep inside and therefore the recurrence of pimples is significantly reduced. 

Eczema: People who tend to sweat a lot often face the persisting issue of eczema. Under this situation it becomes difficult to regularly take medications and using creams. In this backdrop, keeping a tea tree oil hand effectively clean the blisters, rashes, itchiness and dryness of the skin. But directly applying the oil may not be acceptable. Diluting two drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil can be used on the skin directly. 

In case, you are infected with eczema to other part of the body as well, then you might want to take a tea tree bath. For this, mix some drops if tea tree oil in bucket of water before bathing. 

Athletes Foot Is Treated

Too much walking and rigorous activities often cause athlete’s foot. This develops symptoms of  inflammation, scaling, hardening of skin and burning. The same can be treated using a strong tea tree oil cream. A low concentration of tea tree might not immediately cure the problem, but a stronger concentration of oil in any form of powder or cream will start to show positive result. 

Cures Boils and Warts

Besides the above usage, Tea tree oil is also found to be effective in curing boils and warts. By dipping a cotton ball into  mixture of tea tree oil and almond oil to dab onto boil and wart will start to show results in about 30 days. At the same time, warts though are not painful but their presence is usually embarrassing. By using tea tree oil, the development of wart is stopped as the oil has antiseptic properties that halts the development of fungi.

Can Tea Tree Oil Be Harmful

It is difficult to imagine that an oil so essential and a potion for skin can have harmful effects. But the truth is that though the oil is touted to be  one of the best essential oil, the same can be harmful if taken orally. The oil in high concentration if taken internally will be poisonous. This is way it is available only as cosmetics and in medicines. Suitable only for external usage. 

Another thing to be kept in mind is monitoring its usage. The external usage on wounds ands  boils may also cause allergies if your body is averse to such oils.

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